Citizens in Michigan Town Resist Alien Dump
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Concerned citizens in Michigan are fighting back as the feds have their town in in the crosshairs for another illegal alien dump.   Our friend Isabel Lyman reports;

The current crisis on the southern border, involving tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, has now become a concern for Michiganders who live in a rural community with less than 3000 people.

Being from a small town myself, I can relate.   Big city folks might scoff at this, but if your town has only a few thousand people, adding a hundred people is significant.   And consider that these are male Central American adolescents. How many are gang members?

Wolverine Human Services, a social services agency which typically helps needy Michigan children, is in the process of securing a contract and negotiating with the Office of Refugee Resettlement to bring between 60- 120 male illegal immigrants, between the ages of 12-17, to the small city of Vassar without any input from residents of the community.

Color me cynical, but  isn't it interesting how this "social services agency" is able to profit off an illegal alien dump?   And as the agency and the feds collude to work this out, the town's actual residents have no  input.   So they had to take matters into their own hands to make their voices heard;

About 100 concerned citizens, some bearing signs, gathered outside the Vassar City Hall last night to let public officials know what they think.

Watchdog Wire contributor Tamyra Murray ...was interviewed   by an ABC news affiliate expressing her concern about illegal immigration overloading “the system” and the lack of funds to care for veterans....

The Vassar citizens have at least verbal support from Representative Candice Miller, who said that

“The ongoing humanitarian crisis at our southern border is quickly spreading across our nation as the Administration begins transferring these illegal immigrants across our nation, including potentially here to Michigan.  This crisis began when President Obama acted outside the law offering legal status to children who entered America illegally along with their parents.  This caused many throughout Central America and Mexico to believe that all children needed to do was reach our border and they could stay, and so countless thousands began to send their children on the harrowing journey north.”

Representative Miller also said that

 " is imperative that the people being apprehended at the border not be released from custody because if they are, it is very unlikely they will ever return for immigration hearings on their status, and they will disappear into society.”

 Amen to all that.   However,  Representative Miller has a grade of D+ from Numbers USA.   Maybe she could improve that?

See Isabel's article here:  MI: SOUTHERN BORDER IMMIGRATION CRISIS COMES TO VASSAR (Izzy Lyman, Watchdog Wire Michigan, July 8, 2014).

Also useful is Numbers USA's MAP: WHERE FEDS ARE TRYING TO RELOCATE ILLEGAL BORDER SURGERS.  See how close theyare to you, and where the alien dumps have been blocked.

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