Radio Derb Is On The Air: Now It's Translingualism!, Etc.
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Radio Derb is on the air. To get the podcast, follow the instructions at Taki’s Magazine.   The transcript will be archived on my own website Tuesday morning.

In this week’s podcast I visit the latest battlefront in the war against reality.

Following Bruce Jenner’s adventures in transgenderism and Rachel Dolezal’s foray into transracialism, what’s next in the grand project to erase all boundaries and declare everything equal to everything else?

You wanna know? I’ll tell you. Translingualism, that’s what’s next. No kidding: translingualism. There is actually an article about it in the current issue of Academic Questions, the magazine of the National Association of Scholars. Title of the article: Translingualism: Tongue-Tied in English Composition. The author is Jeffrey Zorn, who lectures in English at Santa Clara University in California.

The topic here is the teaching of English Composition in our colleges. Postmodernists deplore the teaching of Standard English. They think there is, quote, “a human right to use the language of one’s nurture” and that favoring Standard English is, quote, “culturally imperialistic.”

It’s not a totally new idea. Remember the fad for tolerating “ebonics”? That’s the kind of thing we’re talking about here. Now this nonsense has a name, “translingualism,” and a new lease of life. Zorn calls it, quote, “the fastest-rising movement in composition studies today.”

Jeffrey Zorn deplores all this, and so do I. He’s written a fine scathing piece, which I urge you to read. He points out along the way that these postmodernist promoters of translingualism write their academic articles in good Standard English so that people can, you know, understand them.

Radio Derb listeners rest assured, please, that this podcast will remain unashamedly cis-lingual.

The full Radio Derb playbill:
  • Transracialism, the new frontier. (White is the new black.)
  • The extremes of ethnomasochism. (Another bell curve?)
  • FLOTUS addresses Her People. (Again!)
  • The Narrative gets a boost. (SJWs suit up.)
  • Trump throws his rug into the ring. (At least he’s not a politician.)
  • What separate countries are for. (Ramadan in the Arctic.)
  • Translingualism! (Ebonics gets a new lease of life.)
  • America’s millstone. (Wreck your country, then come wreck ours.)
  • Resexing the sawbuck. (If we can’t get Ann Coulter …)
It’s all there at Taki’s Magazine.
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