Radio Derb Is On The Air: How Sound Is Judge Gorsuch? Etc.
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Radio Derb is on the air—go here to listen, here to download the MP3.

04m10s — The Fallacy of Judicial Impartiality. (It's politics all the way down.)

11m34s — How sound is Judge Gorsuch? (Was my heart too soon made glad?)

19m02s — Attorney General Jeff Sessions. (Nature changes course.)

27m21s — Affinity Asymmetry. (And an Audacious argument.)

34m04s — The next French Revolution. (Will have demographic color.)

40m00s — Huddled masses yearning to feature in Superbowl commercials. (Immigration Romanticism for football fans.)

42m52s — Getting along with Putin. (We don't have to like him.)

47m52s — The Obligations Clauses. (Things government must do.)

50m32s — The war against scouting. (CultMarx pulls a sick stunt.)

52m02s — Public sector robots. (Good enough for gummint work.)

52m47s — 65 years on the throne. (ERII's new milestone.)

54m48s — Signoff. (For St Valentine's Day.)

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