Rachel Maddow And The RNC's Preemptive Surrender On Voter Fraud
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It's a form of what what the late Sam Francis used to call "Anarcho-Tyranny"–the government creates a problem and then punishes citizens for attempting to solve it. In this case, the Obama Regime is far more interested in punishing poll-watchers than stopping vote fraud:

Rachel Maddow reports on how the RNC has been restricted by a legal consent decree over past racially charged poll watching activities, and a new legal case against the RNC over Donald Trump's calls for poll watching vigilantism.

RNC in legal trouble over Trump call for poll-watchers | MSNBC, October 26, 2016

Significantly, the consent decree being used here was brought to you by the same cowardly and stupid GOP Establishment that is currently trying to sabotage Trump, as Thomas O. Meehan explained on VDARE.com almost exactly two years ago:  GOP Surrendered On Minority Voter Fraud—In 1982! 

While we're on the subject, it's thirteen years since Allan Wall first asked why Mexico is allowed to have Voter ID cards and the U.S. is not.

When is Maddow going to talk about that?

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