Raceless Student Kills One, Wounds Police Officer, In Knoxville, TN School That Is 77% Black, As "Person" Led Away In Handcuffs
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A posting on Instapundit by Knoxville law professor Glenn Reynolds says

SHOOTING AT A HIGH SCHOOL IN KNOXVILLE: Austin-East seems to be where shootings tend to happen, for whatever reason. No real details available, except that among those shot was a Knoxville Police Department officer.[Emphasis added.]

"For whatever reason" means, to me, that I need to look at the Austin-East Magnet School Demographics on Greatschools:


Austin-East is 77 percent black. (The original Greatschools chart has blue and teal for black and Hispanic, this is more realistic.)

And WATE, a local TV Station, has a video of someone (a "person") being led away in handcuffs.

That person appears to be a young black male:


See  1 dead, 1 detained in Knoxville school shooting, by Caleb Wethington, WATE,  April 12, 2021.

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