Race Riot In Australia
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See Tim Blair's post on it, BEACH TRASH DUKE IT OUT. It appears that white Australian youths "clashed" with Lebanese youths.

Also check out the comments, which contain people arguing that the Lebanese started it, which may not excuse the rioting, but is an expected consequence of immigration from Lebanon, ONE OF THE MOST VIOLENT PLACES ON THE PLANET! (Sorry about that: I'm feeling better now, and promise not to shout "HELLO!" or "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" at Australian immigration enthusiasts.)

See Racial Gangrape: Another Diversity Disaster and Racial Gang-Rape: The Sequel for previous problems integrating young Lebanese men into Australian society.

Please remember that while some refugees may be innocents fleeing violence, others may be violent people who have brought some with them.

UPDATE: From Tim Blair:VIOLENCE CONTINUES, from Wretchard, at the Belmont Club, (via Kathy Shaidle) Violence breaks out again in Cronulla, and from BiasedBBC, Two Beaches:

Two beaches. Case A: thugs attack en masse at a beach in Portugal. The race of the attackers was not mentioned by the BBC, although the prim way that the story says that the municipal authorities believed that

"the youngsters came from poorer suburbs of the capital"

made me guess that they were not white before Tim Worstall, who lives in Portugal, confirmed it.


Case B: thugs attack en masse at a beach in Sydney. In the BBC story the race of attackers and victims appears in the very first line:

"Thousands of young white men have converged on Cronulla Beach in Sydney, Australia, and attacked people of Arabic and Mediterranean background."

Lebanese Australians are apparently rioting in reponse to the earlier riots, which were in reponse to earlier Lebanese violence, et cetera.

It seems that, in revenge for the events in Cronulla on Sunday, people of Lebanese origin have gone into that and neighbouring suburbs and thrown bricks. The BBC does not report the race of the perpetrators. However, in the same story, it does manage to remind us twice that "thousands of young white men" were behind Sunday's riots. Susan writes, "Notice how MinTruth doesn't give any racial or ethnic identifier for the thugs currently destroying cars and throwing bricks in Mabroubra and Brighton-le-Sands (Sydney suburbs). That's your infaliable Orwellian clue to the actual ethnic identity of the thugs."

FINAL UPDATE: Steve Sailer says

So, how long until we read articles blaming discrimination, lack of affirmative action, unemployment, and/or Le Corbusier's soulless architecture for the white riot?

Oh, wait, that's odd, in this case the media seem to be blaming the riot on the rioters. What a novel concept! I wonder what's different between the French and Australian riots? Hmmhmmhm, it's puzzling ... I just can't put my finger on the difference...

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