"Rabidly Nationalistic" in Mexico
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In Mexico City, during a US- Mexico Soccer game, Mexican fans booed the U.S. national anthem, chanted "Osama, Osama", and a group of them who couldn't manage to set a US Flag on fire, had to settle for trampling on it.(I think the manufacturers of American flags are quietly fireproofing them.) [ U.S. still can't solve Azteca in qualifying loss, by Will Weissert, Associated Press]

A few points:

  • The Associated Press described the Mexican fans as "rabidly nationalistic." How come it takes a sports guy to use that kind of language about Mexican nationalism? Why can't the rest of the press figure that out?
  • The Mexicans aren't chanting "Osama, Osama", because they support radical Islam. They don't. It's just their way of saying "Death to America." See "rabidly nationalistic, "above.
  • The US team never beats the Mexicans at soccer. That's because America's great athletes are playing real sports.
  • Do you think those "rabidly nationalistic" guys when they emigrate, (illegally) will become patriots like the late Balint Vazsonyi, or Humberto Fontova? I doubt it. I think you'd be lucky if you got someone as patriotic as Norman Mineta.
  • Speaking of which, what do you think the chances are of those flag-tramplers heading north and taking the Oath of Allegiance someday? Pretty good, I'd' say. How about them keeping the Oath of Allegiance? Not so good..
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