Questions For GOP Debate—MSM Won't Ask Them, So You May Have To!
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Californians For Population Stablization has a suggestion about the upcoming Republican debate:

NBC and Politico will co-host a Republican presidential debate on Wednesday, September 7th at 8pm ET/5pm PT, aired on MSNBC and streamed live on CNBC and Telemundo will also broadcast the debate. You can submit questions for the debate via Twitter at
Go to the website and compose a question of your own or select one of our suggestions below to type in as a submission:
  1. There are 14 million unemployed Americans. Shouldn’t we hire them instead of bringing in foreign workers?
  2. Obama has sued states for trying to stop illegal immigration. Will you take the same approach?
  3. Do you endorse mandatory E-Verify legislation so that jobs in the US will go to legal American workers
  4. Will you cut the 1.5 million green cards and other work permits to foreign workers each year?
  5. Do you favor reducing both legal and illegal immigration so that we can stabilize the US population?
  6. We have millions of illegal aliens in this country. Do you promise you will not sign amnesty legislation?
  7. Will you do anything to reduce the number of foreign workers allowed in each year, currently 1.5 million?
  8. Ten years after 9-1-1, our borders are still not secure. Will you secure our borders?
  9. The Obama administration recently issued an administrative amnesty. Will you enforce our immigration laws?
  10. 14 million unemployed—will you reduce the importation of foreign workers, both permanent and temporary
  11. In California, unemployment is 12 percent. Will you support mandatory E-Verify for US employers
  12. Each yr, the fed govt brings in 1.5 million new foreign workers. Will you cut that number?
  13. Many businesses use H-1B visas to hire foreign workers at lower wages. Will you end this abuse
  14. Due to immigration, the Census says US population will hit 440 million in 2050. Isn’t this unsustainable?

If you don't already have a twitter account, you can sign up here.

Of course, these are all the questions the press should be asking themselves, but they won't.

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