Quebec Perspective On The Ricin Mailing Women: The French-Canadian Media Has A Lot To Answer For
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A Quebec perspective: if the target had been somebody other than Donald Trump, all Canadian journalists would have eagerly labeled Quebecoise Pascale Ferrier, who recently sent a letter with ricin to and issued death threats against the American president, as a “terrorist” and an “extremist,” and called for a ban on organizations with which  she might have been aligned. Not necessarily linked to, just in the same ideological framework. Thus the whole pro-gun movement in Canada was implicitly targeted after Corey Barclay Hurren’s murder attempt against Justin Trudeau.

But nothing similar happened with Ferrier, despite a previous firearm violation and a clear ideological motive. Remember she did not send a single poisoned letter, but rather six in total.

My view as a Quebec nationalist: media indoctrination explains why she attempted to kill the U.S. president. She is a Francophone (a French immigrant actually—she is originally from France) and the French-Canadian media unanimously and constantly spat hate on the American President since he announced his interest in the White House in 2015.

In French Quebec, Trump is sometimes presented as an incompetent hillbilly or inversely as a dangerous would-be Fascist dictator. Not a single voice has been heard to defend Trump’s legitimacy or any of his actions in the French Canadian media. Doing so would be equivalent to social suicide and the culprit would immediately face the PC gang and its mob court.

That is not to say that the whole population blindly follows the media and has adopted an anti-Trump stance. In fact, Trump benefits from the sympathy of many French Quebecers who would like to have a leader interested first and foremost in the well-being of his own citizens and who refuses to bow down to political correctness. But as on many issues, there is a huge gap between the average citizen and the journalistic elite.

J’accuse: This climate of Francophone anti-Trumpism, funneled by the corporate media, is surely to blame for Ferrier’s attempt to kill the president.


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