Quayle/Schweikert Amnesty Blocking Bills: More Heroes Step Forward
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Congressmen Schweikert and Quayle

Good progress was made yesterday by HR 5953 (Congressman Ben Quayle) and HR 5397 (Congressman Dave Schweikert) which I discussed in Wonders Of Competition: TWO Bills To Block Obama's Youth Amnesty. Both picked up 16 cosponsors, taking the Quayle Bill to 28 and the Schweikert Bill to 20. Only 10 Congressmen have signed both bills (and Congressman Schweikert has honorably signed his Primary rival’s measure, which Quayle has yet to reciprocate).

These people are true heroes. With the Romney campaign in full Wimp Out mode, and the House Leadership clearly in the pocket of the Cheap Labor Lobby (or worse) raising this issue is going to make their lives uncomfortable.

But with the Republicans controlling the House, there is no reason why hearings could not be held and a consolidated measure taken to a floor vote. That would put get the Democrats on the hook on Amnesty, which on the basis of their behavior when they controlled the 111th Congress, they desperately do not want.

Why not?

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