Cross-Atlantic Rorschach on Muslim Immigration Shows Differing Views
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>On Sunday, a gaggle of diversity enthusiasts met up in Manhattan’s Times Square to celebrate a rally dubbed “I Am A Muslim Too” — a vile sentiment to be expressed just blocks from the site of the worst jihad mass murder in America, where 2,606 died in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

How quickly these lefties forget the 9/11 terror attacks. Perhaps the jihad will provide an updated reminder to New York City some day soon, courtesy of Muslim diversity.

And what’s with these crazy American women promoting more Muslim immigration? They should know that their European counterparts have suffered mass sexual assaults from immigrant rapefugees, and some streets have become very dangerous and women have become fearful about normal life in Germany and elsewhere since Muslim men arrived en masse.

Below, liberal women in New York City demand more Muslim immigration apparently so America can import misogyny, polygamy, child marriage and slavery.


At least the Fox report grasped the anti-Trump aspect of the protest, rather than any profound love of Muslims. Imagine if President Obama had instituted a temporary travel ban regarding the sketchy Muslim countries he had listed — would there have been weeks of noisy protests and lies? Very unlikely.

Former Trump pal Russell Simmons leads ‘I Am A Muslim Too’ rally against president, Fox News, February 19, 2017

The Muslim call to prayer rang out through Times Square in New York City on Sunday afternoon as a large, mixed-faith crowd of merchandise hawkers, social activists, organizers, curious tourists – and genuine protesters – declared their allegiance with Islam.

“I am a Muslim, too!” the group chanted several times at the anti-President Trump rally organized by hip hop mogul Russell Simmons and a local rabbi and imam. . .

In addition, welcoming refugees, of whom Muslims accounted for 46 percent in 2016, is not cheap. Breitbart reported yesterday that “American taxpayers will spend more than $4.1 billion in the 2017 budget to support the 519,018 refugees who have been resettled by the federal government in the United States since October 2009.”

Meanwhile across the pond, normally liberal Europeans have rethought open borders welcoming Islam, and now a healthy majority want an end to Muslim immigration entirely — not a little pause as President Trump mandated. A recent poll from the highly respected Chatham House think tank found that 55 percent of Europeans surveyed in 10 nations think a permanent halt is necessary.

And the Europeans are right for once: why welcome the historic enemy of Western Civilization? America doesn’t need any immigrants because of the workplace automation onslaught, and we seem to be plenty diverse already. So why not chill severely on all immigration?

Yes, the recent inundation of hostile Muslim hordes has refined Europeans’ appreciation of diversity.


Bill O’Reilly discussed the fascinating reversal of opinion in Europe on his show a week ago:

More details on the Chatham poll below:

Majority of Europeans want Muslim immigration stopped: Poll, Washington Times, February 8, 2017

European leaders were quick to denounce President Trump when he advocated a temporary ban on all Muslim immigration to the U.S. during the presidential campaign, but a new poll shows their own constituencies strongly support the idea.

The Chatham House survey published on Tuesday found 55 percent of Europeans from 10 different nations agree that Muslim immigration should be stopped. Just 20 percent say they want migration from the Islamic world to continue, while 25 percent neither agree nor disagree.

Majorities in all but two of the 10 states surveyed agree that “further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped.”

The poll caught the attention of Mr. Trump, who tweeted out the results of the poll on his own, closely followed Twitter account Wednesday afternoon.

The country most opposed to continued Muslim immigration is Poland, where 71 percent of those polled say it should be halted, compared to 19 percent who favor allowing inflows to continue.

Sixty-five percent of Austrians also agree Muslim immigration should be stopped, along with 64 percent in both Belgium and Hungary, 61 percent in France, 58 percent in Greece, 53 percent in Germany and 51 percent in Italy.

Pluralities in Britain and Spain — 47 percent and 41 percent, respectively — also agree that Muslim immigration should be stopped.

The country most opposed to halting Muslim immigration is Spain, and even there just 32 percent are against the idea. Opposition fails to crack 20 percent in most European Union nations, which have seen far greater flows from Syria, Afghanistan and other nations than has the U.S.

Mr. Trump floated the idea of a ban on Muslim migration during the presidential campaign, but backed off of the idea shortly thereafter amid widespread opposition, saying he now advocated “extreme vetting” from countries with records of terrorism or whose internal immigration controls are weak.

Upon taking office, he signed an executive order temporarily halting refugee inflows into the United States until sufficient security measures can be implemented. The order also temporarily banned travel from seven Muslim-majority nations — an order that is on hold amid a fierce court battle over its constitutionality.

The Chatham House poll surveyed 10,195 adults from 10 European nations from Dec. 12, 2016, to Jan. 11, 2017. Roughly 1,000 respondents came from each country.

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