Progressive Student Ponders Immigration, Not That It Will Do Him Any Good
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Bryan Collinsworth, who is affiliated with Sarah Lawrence College, recently posted an interesting essay on the leftish website describing his dismay on discovering that his equally progressive, father, a card-carrying NEA member, has become an immigration reform activist...and that Collinsworth is starting to "see eye to eye (or at least exchange glances now and then)" with him.

Collinsworth says, entirely rationally from his perspective:

Progressives need to start talking about illegal immigration. My dad says we should do this because it’s the perfect wedge issue with which to divide the right’s unholy union of corrupt corporate superpowers (pro-immigration—cheap labor) and white working-class middle Americans (anti-immigration—not so hot on new competition or new cultures). I say we should do it because our own values demand a better way

This is essentially what our Randall Burns keeps arguing in his Progressive Indictment columns It's a point of view we struggle to keep in VDARE.COM (which is a coalition, as I keep saying).

But I don't really have any hope. Of course, progressives should be interested in immigration reform - and were, during the 1880-1920 Great Wave. You meet individual progressive immigration reformers, like the Collinsworths, all the time. But the modern leadership of their movement seems impervious, perhaps because their motives are different. In the end, immigration reform will probably have to come from the Right.

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