Professional Journalists At WSJ: "Teens See Summer Jobs Vanish"—Taken By Immigrants, Say Unpaid Commenters?
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A typical "summer jobs" story at the WSJ makes no mention of immigration:

Teens See Summer Jobs Vanish


July 10, 2012

Younger New Yorkers plying the city's difficult job market face a particularly dismal combination this summer: a labor pool flooded with unemployed adults and cuts to public programs.

Melissa Kissoon, 19 years old, is one of the tens of thousands of teenagers and college students who have had little luck in the city's labor market. By her own count, the New York City College of Technology student has applied for more than 80 jobs. "I really don't understand why," she said. "It's been draining and disappointing."[More]

The WSJ, America's premier business newspaper, doesn't provide you with the obvious point that teenagers are being displaced by immigrants. But commenters on the WSJ site were able to figure this out quickly. Examples:

  • "Lets not forget the 800,000 young illegal immigrants now granted work visas."
  • "Or the 8 million illegal aliens working illegally. Doing jobs Americans will not do because the illegals have already depressed the wages and working conditions and filled the available positions."
  • "'Work visas' was a nice explanation by the Organizer in Chief for unilaterally legalizing over a million illegal aliens. The more immediate result of Barry's decision will be to immediately qualify these young folks for food stamps, welfare, Medicaid and other government freebies. Their Green Card is the ticket to La Dolce Vida, courtesy of the US taxpayers. President Food Stamps has spoken!"

This is why Kathy Shaidle keeps saying you should read newspaper stories "upside down."

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