Summer Jobs On Cape Cod—Who ISN`T Getting Them
April 25, 2008, 09:43 PM
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A reader writes, regarding my previous item on Cape Cod and immigration:
Guys, the demagoguery is even worse this year. I read in the Boston Globe that the Cape business owners are complaining that they can`t get the foreign help at nearly the number they need, while the Boston politicians are bloviating about there being no jobs for the city`s teens. Of course, the Cape's foreign workers have historically been of the Irish and Eastern European variety, while most of the city`s students are persons of color. The oh-so-precious denizens of the Cape seem to have added a white hood to the Izod polos and whale belts!
Of course, I doubt if Cape Cod`s employers are Ku Klux Klan style bigots—they may be the reverse, and feel "uncomfortable" hiring black teenagers for menial jobs. But look at these two Globe stories: Google Maps tells me that Cape Cod is an hour and a quarter from Boston. Why on Earth would they go to Washington to get permission to get people from Poland and Ireland?.