Prison Diversity to Be Pumped Up
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California prisons are embarking on a dangerous program of social engineering—as a result of a court ruling—that cells will not be segregated on the basis of race. Prisons are among the most violently racist places you can find in America, but the big brains behind the curtain hope to change that by mixing it up in the tiny cells prisoners share. Good luck.
San Quentin and 30 or so other state penal facilities are gearing up to carry out a federal court mediation agreement for integrating double cells and ending the use of race as the sole determining factor in making cell assignments.

Men in California's prisons have long been segregated in cells to quell racial tensions. [...]

Lt. Rudy Luna, assistant to the warden at San Quentin, said there is some concern among prison officials about the change because much of the violence is already based around racial gangs. [Prisons prepare to integrate cellmates, San Francisco Chronicle, May 27, 2008]

The policy is ill considered and likely to produce more prison violence. The guards have one of the toughest jobs on earth already, and this won't help.

The article did have a fascinating statistic tucked in the lower paragraphs:

Among the state's male inmates, about 28.9 percent are black, 39.3 percent are Latino, 25.9 percent are white, and 5.9 percent are classified as other, according to figures from the state Department of Corrections.
That's California—always leading in diversity!
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