McCain Bad Enough On Immigration To Make Conservatives Consider Voting For Bob Barr
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While Barr may be a backslider on mass immigration, he's no John McCain.
"John McCain's consistently weak position on illegal immigration and support for a 'comprehensive reform' is going to backfire with his Republican base in November," stated Michael Erickson, chairman of Republicans for the National Interest. "There are indications of growing support among conservative voters for the [Libertarian] Bob Barr candidacy and even though we may not see eye to eye with Mr. Barr on every issue, his strong stance on immigration is going to be very popular."

Mr. Erickson further noted Mr. McCain is scheduled to address the annual La Raza convention in July, making him the first Republican to do so. La Raza is a controversial Hispanic rights group criticized for its separationist sentiments and open border advocacy.[McCain, Conservatives Clash On Immigration Once Again, By Joe Murray, The Bulletin - Philadelphia's Family Newspaper, May 27, 2008]

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