Prince Harry’s Pathological Domestication
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For commentary on today's news about Prince Harry and his trouble, everyone is welcome to my November 1st Radio Derb item.

The point of women, we are all told at some time in our lives, is to civilize men. We men are coarse, brutish creatures, interested mainly in fighting, getting drunk, and solving nonlinear differential equations. It's the love of a good woman and the subsequent responsibilities of parenthood that turn us into sober, responsible citizens.

As with all truths about human nature, this one manifests itself in both normal and pathological forms. In the pathological form, the former bad boy doesn't merely turn into a solid citizen, he becomes a weeping, whining, sniveling, apologizing Social Justice Warrior.

Yes, I'm talking about you, Harry Windsor, sixth in line of succession to the British throne. Back in his army days ten years ago Harry had somewhat of a reputation as a daredevil, prankster, and ladies' man. (The picture at right is from 2012.) Then in 2018 he married this American broad and now he's thoroughly woke, jetting off to Africa every other weekend to be photographed with little black kiddies.

A  few days ago he teared up on nationwide TV talking about the challenges of parenting. Well, yes, it's rough when you have no one to help out other than a staff of full-time nannies and household servants, and nowhere to park the kids aside from a couple of twelve-bedroom mansions. We feel for you, Harry.

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