Priest, Whose Low-Credibility Accuser Sabrina Erdely Promoted, Dies Handcuffed To A Prison Hospital Bed
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In last week's initial post about Susan Rubin Erdely's now-famous rape hoax at University of Virginia, I suggested that someone should dig into her similar story about pervert priests at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

It turns out that someone did ... and has been to no avail. His name is Ralph Cipriano, a former reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, who has been writing about Erdely's other "victim:"

...Rolling Stone contributing editor Sabrina Rubin Erdely, is from Philadelphia. Before she bought Jackie's story, she fell for a story told by a former altar boy dubbed "Billy Doe" by a grand jury.
In Rolling Stone, it seems rape is bigger than rock. On Sept. 15, 2011, Erderly wrote a story for Rolling Stone that accepted as gospel Billy Doe's fantastic claims about being passed around as a rape victim among two priests and a school teacher. [The Catholic Church's Secret Sex-Crime Files ] In Erdely's defense, she, like many other members of the media, made the mistake of relying on an intellectually dishonest grand jury report containing more than 20 factual errors.
Before Rolling Stone Was Conned By 'Jackie' They Fell for 'Billy'. [, December 6, 2014]

Editors whom Cipriano contacted weren't interested in the truth about the prosecutorial and judicial misconduct in the case against some priests, he writes, and neither, of course, was Rolling Stone's Erdely.

Thanks to "Billy," Cipriano reports, an innocent priest, Father Charles Engelhardt, 67, convicted "without a shred or evidence or any witness to confirm the alleged victim's improbable allegations"—recently died while handcuffed to a prison hospital bed.

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