POWERLINE's Mirengoff Says Trump Shouldn't Call REDSTATE "Losers"—But Sam Francis Knew Better
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beautifullosersPaul Mirengoff over at Powerline is complaining that Donald Trump calls establishment Republicans losers:
Not content with personally attacking popular right-of-center conservative talk show host Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump has now called conservative blogger/activist Erick Erickson a “total loser” with “a history of supporting establishment losers.”

If Trump’s support ends up consisting of people more anti-establishment than Erick, they can hold their meeting in Trump’s limo.

Mirengoff then wanders into what The Donald might say about Powerline. [Trump On Powerline, August 9, 2015]

But Trump has a point. The conservative movement, as Sam Francis wrote, was nothing but a collection of "beautiful losers."

How else can we describe a political movement that has failed to stop the growth of government and national debt, failed stop illegal immigration, failed to stop abortion, failed to stop homosexual marriage, failed to stop an insane foreign policy, failed to stop the destruction of American industry and export of American jobs, failed to stop the crime that has destroyed once-beautiful cities and failed to stop national healthcare, and, having chalked up those failures, lost two elections to a narcissistic egomaniac, who is bringing the country to rack and ruin, because it has failed to appeal to its own base?

But perhaps this is what Mirengoff calls "winning?"


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