Post-Election, Day One and Going Forward
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Tuesday’s election was quite a mix, with disappointing losses (like Tom Tancredo), but also with some encouraging wins of candidates and ideas.

In Oklahoma, voters prudently approved a measure to prevent sharia law being used there. Some might ask whether Islamic law is now a problem in the Sooner state; it is not, which is why the present is the perfect time to declare Oklahoma’s allegiance to America’s Constitution and disapproval of barbaric sharia.

No good deed goes unpunished, however; the busy lawyers at the Council on American Islamic Relations immediately announced a lawsuit against Oklahoma. If the CAIR bears think they are winning friends and influencing people, they are not. They are only generating even more hostility among citizens.

Further east, the Mayor of Hazelton Pennsylvania, Lou Barletta, was successful in his third try to unseat Democrat Paul Kanjorski, a 13-term incumbent. Barletta received national attention starting in 2006 when he led a movement for legislation to make his town unfriendly to illegal aliens.

In Florida, Lt Col. Allen West easily won his second race against incumbent Ron Klein in a majority Democrat district. West became an internet star when his patriotic speeches that warned about jihad began getting attention via Youtube. The man will bring a rare honesty about hostile Islam to Washington which has been sadly lacking, as shown by the political correctness of the Pentagon about the Fort Hood massacre, to name one egregious example.

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