Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Young and Hard-Bodied Latino Men
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It's sometimes hard to fathom why people are so keen for open immigration. From this juicy Gothamist tidbit, we now have a clue why Roy Adams, a 70-year-old Manhattan attorney, takes an interest in charitable causes involving Latin America:

...a group of young Latino men were always hanging around the apartment to provide "round-the-clock personal services."

So besides Brandt's allegation that Adams fondled him, here's where we come to something that might actually be seriously illegal: One of Brandt's regular duties, according to the lawsuit, was to hand over a large envelope of cash to the young men, whom Adams referred to as "The Boys." Brandt alleges that the money came from the nonprofit group Adams heads up, the Fund for Children of the Americas, which assists orphans in Latin America.

They're allegations contained in a lawsuit against Adams, of course. But it's something to keep in mind when the elites get misty-eyed about immigration. Just one of the thousand points of absurdity that is immigration today.

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