Jerry Brown Celebrates His Gubernatorial Victory in California
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During the 1970s, leftist Jerry Brown Jr. (aka ”Governor Moonbeam”), the son of liberal Democratic, two-term (1959 through 1966) Governor Edmund G. ”Pat” Brown Sr., was the youngest governor in California history. The younger Brown, first elected as a Democrat at the age of 37, also served for two terms (1976 through 1983; the Browns’ terms were sandwiched around those of a fellow named Reagan). Still a Democrat, at 72, he will now be the oldest governor in California history.

Brown beat Republican rival, former EBay CEO, Meg Whitman.

Brown is currently California’s Attorney General; he has also served as mayor of violent, racist, Oakland. He has held every conceivable office in the state and, for all I know, may even have served somewhere there as dog catcher in his youth.

Brown tonight:

…We want to make sure that [schoolchildren] have what they need, to create greatness. [Paraphrase of what followed: Every child has that potential.]

Now, they haven’t counted all the votes, but hell, it’s government work!

We can only get where we want to be …by forging a common purpose… and an openness to every kind of person, no matter what color they are. We’re all God’s children.

[He then spoke about how he’s ”still kind of into politics,” but that he also still has a missionary zeal.]

And I’m hoping that this breakdown [of state government] paves the way to a breakthrough.

It was all nonsense on stilts, of course, but what can you expect from the Democratic governor-elect of the nation’s most dysfunctional, debt-ridden (see here and here), diversitopian state?

First of all, Brown’s supporters are not open to every kind of person and race. Second, common sense and science alike tell us that not every child has the ability ”to create greatness.” Most don’t, not even among Ashkenazi Jews! Finally, California’s–and increasingly the nation’s–demographics make ”forging a common purpose” an utter impossibility.

The only winners of California’s gubernatorial election were the revanchist powers of Reconquista, and they were going to win, no matter how the election turned out.

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