Possible New Heroes?—And the Same Old Enemies
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A Reader Writes:

Immigration Reform may well have two new heroes in the form of the Police Chiefs of New Ipswich and Hudson, NH. Both made headlines recently by inventively using the State’s trespass law to interdict infiltrating illegal immigrants, and both seem to be standing up bravely to the hurricane of bullying, abuse and intimidation which has struck them. [Faceoff over civil rights and immigration legalities – by Stephen Seitz and Dam McLean, New Hampshire Union Leader May 24 2005]

The usual suspects have rushed in to browbeat these patriots.

  • An arrogant Hispanic Politician seeking special treatment for Hispanic illegals

"Those who are most likely to come under police scrutiny under such policies would be people whose complexion is dark, who speak languages other than English, and who were born in other countries, regardless of immigration status" - Rep. Hector M. Velez, D-Manchester(e-mail him )

  • An underhanded Civil Rights activist trying evade the issue:

"It gives legitimacy to people who want to get rid of all the immigrants. If they're criminals, by all means let them go through the process. But these people are being dehumanized simply because they're undocumented" – Victoria Fahlberg Executive Director One Lowell ( email her ) [Hudson chief in the middle of immigration fight, Dennis ShaughnessyLowell Sun

  • The standard Main Stream Media sniping:

"try to keep a straight face when someone actually cites New Ipswich, N.H., as a city to emulate."Debate blown off course in media storm [Mike Litwin (e mail him) Rocky Mountain News May 17 2005]

Most contemptible of all, a Union bureaucrat selling American union members down the river.. (quoted in the Union Leader article):

New Hampshire AFL-CIO president Mark MacKenzie, who attended the protest, said illegal immigrants are part of the economy "and that's the reality." Charging illegal immigrants with criminal trespassing "is an embarrassment for New Hampshire," he said. "I think it paints us a right-wing, reactionary state." (E mail MacKenzie )

Why do Union Members tolerate these sell-outs?

[VDARE.com readers can say thank you to Chief W. Gerrit Chamberlain of New Ipswich at [email protected] and Chief Richard E. Gendron of Hudson at [email protected].]

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