Politics and Gamefowl
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The Mexican-American Political Association [MAPA] is having their convention next month...guess who is coming to speak?

Arizona Senator John McCain!

Included in the list of the heavy hitters who will be co-hosting the event - The California Association Preservation of Gamefowl.

From the MAPA Website , some of the issues being discussed:

"Join us in addressing some of the most burning issues in California today - the attempts to privatize social security; proposals to reform our current immigration laws that could legalize millions of undocumented persons; driver's licenses for immigrants and a discussion about the REAL ID ACT recently signed into law by President Bush; the prospects of healthcare for all and the California budget battle."

There is more:

"California and other states are witnessing a rapid rise of nasty anti-immigrant vigilantism by right-wing paramilitary vigilante organizations and individuals. "

Does anybody think McCain is going after the pro "gamefowl" vote here?

Me neither.


[VDARE.COM NOTE: We looked up this "Gamefowl" thing, and the Gamefowl in question are not Ducks Unlimited, but fighting cocks, cockfighting being a popular sport in Mexico, banned in most, (not all) of the US. It's making a resurgence, however, due to mass immigration from Mexico. So the Latino Lobby and the cockfighting lobby are likely to work together, which means McCain probably is appealing to the gallos de combate-fan vote.]


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