The ACLU On The Border
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Via Clayton Cramer, I learn that the American Civil Liberties Union has shut down the Las Cruces, N.M. chapter, after finding that one of its members was actually willing to fight for American liberties.

Operations have been suspended for the Las Cruces chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union after state ACLU officials learned that one of its board members, Clifford N. Alford of Organ, also is a leader of a Minutemen group in New Mexico.

"The suspension of the chapter was a technical move to make certain that the Minuteman claiming to be an ACLU chapter board member no longer had authority to act or speak on behalf of the ACLU," said Gary Mitchell, president of the New Mexico ACLU board of directors. [Send them mail.]"We will not tolerate racism and vigilantism in the leadership structure of our organization. They (the Minuteman Project) are repugnant to the principles of civil liberties and the mission of the ACLU."

Cramer says:

When even ACLU chapter board members are part of this movement, it really shows how widespread support for enforcing our immigration laws really is.

Why would an ACLU member be protecting the border from an invasion of illegal immigrants?

Maybe because it's the American Civil Liberties Union, not the Mexican-American Legal Defense And Education fund. Or maybe it's because the rights of people on the border are trampled on by illegal border crossers every day.

If the police did the kind of things that the illegals do, the ACLU would be all over them.


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