Police Corruption And Political Violence: What Becoming Mexico Entails
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The latest chaos from our southern neighbor is quite something.

Eight police were recently arrested for extortion and robbery. In another part of the country, three cops got drunk and crashed their car into the van of a mayoral candidate. The write-up of that is startling:

According to witness accounts, the police officers smelled of alcohol and cans of beer could be seen inside their truck.

The first reaction of the two men in uniform was to flee the scene but local residents stopped them. However, the officer in civilian clothes pulled out an assault rifle and threatened to open fire on the people blocking the road.

The article also notes that:

No arrests were made and anonymous witness accounts stated that municipal police altered the scene, removing the beer cans from the truck and taking away the assault rifle with which residents had been threatened. [Allegedly drunk cops hit Morena party campaign van in Puebla, Mexico News Daily, May 19, 2018]

In the city of Álvaro Obregón, another mayoral candidate (María de Lourdes Torres Díaz) was kidnapped when armed men stormed her campaign headquarters. She is the wife of Juan Carlos Arreygue Núñez, the former mayor of the city in question. He is currently in prison for orchestrating ten assassinations.

The same week in Acapulco, a candidate for municipal council had his car shot at after he left a protest. No one was harmed, though a few minutes after the shooting, the candidate received a phone call, presumably from those behind the shooting, and was told that he would not be safe even at home. [Municipal candidates kidnapped, attacked in Michoacán, Guerrero, Mexico News Daily, May 18, 2018]

When the US, as a nation, considers what should be done about border security, if illegal immigrants should get amnesty, and how many legal immigrants from Latin America we should accept per year, what we are really asking is, “What kind of country should ours be?”

Implicitly, the answer much of our media and political class give is: “The kind of country where cops drive drunk, rob and threaten civilians; and where politicians are shot at and kidnapped, when they themselves are not ordering killings.” And until that transformation is complete, America is a country worth fighting for.

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