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Print Friendly and PDF is a non-profit. We publish information to educate the public on the negative effects of mass immigration, and serve as the voice of the Historic American Nation. This work is not easy and it is not cheap.

We are at a critical time for our country and our work.

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Lydia Brimelow writes: For almost 25 years, VDARE has been the voice of the Historic American Nation. During that span, Peter and I have expanded our team to include many talented patriots including John Derbyshire, Steve Sailer, James Kirkpatrick, Paul Kersey, Noah Arnold, Lance Welton and many more.
On the issue of patriotic immigration reform, there aren’t many competitors. Few other nonprofits focus directly on the issues like we do, and none with journalism as their main product. But there are many patriot influencers and citizen journalists—or even just citizen voters—that rely on our talking points. Please help us inform the fight to keep America American, with a generous donation today.
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