Pinup Pictures With Relevance To The Immigration Issue (Really!)
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Tony Randall was in the men's dressing room at the Booth Theater with Groucho Marx. From where they were sitting, they could see the women's dressing room, door left wide open, in which naked chorus girls were changing, apparently unconcerned.

Groucho nudged Randall and said "You don't get this in the pants business."

You don't get it in political punditry either, but at we frequently run pictures that you don't get in the Weekly Standard. [ note: Which is why you should send us money!]We always have some kind of reason.

Post One: Former Miss Kentucky Latina. Excuse reason for posting—arrested for drunk driving,  assault, claimed "profiling."

Post Two: A young Diana Rigg as Emma Peel. Excuse reason for posting—Maureen Dowd says she fantasizes, before writing a "tough" column, that she's "Emma Peel in a black leather catsuit, giving a kung fu kick to any diabolical mastermind who merits it." In fact, what Ms. Dowd does for a living is nag and whine.

Post Three: Xenia Tchoumitcheva, thought to be interning at J. P. Morgan in New York. Excuse reason for posting—since she's a Swiss supermodel, this would be an immigration story (displacing hot American girls) but she turned out to be in the London office. We posted her picture anyway.

Xenia Tchoumitcheva

We get letters both for and against this kind of thing.

In reply to one of them, I said that I planned to continue posting pictures of young women for the purpose of illustrating  political concepts.

  "I think our picture of Alexandra Wallace was important, and so was the picture of the girl from American Apparel with no place to keep a green card. I also think we deserve some kind of prize for the sentence "There is nothing politically interesting in a picture, of say, South Carolina's Brooklyn Decker on the cover of Sports Illustrated," in a post illustrated with a picture of said cover."

That would be

Post Four:

Post Five:

 I dont know if this young lady has a green card or not, but it she does, I dont see where she could carry it.and

Post Six:

Nothing political about this!

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