Jezebel: "Have You Noticed That White Dudes Keep Mass Murdering People?" No, We've Noticed You Promoting It
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Here's what's being promoted by one of Nick Denton's GawkerMedia websites:

Have You Noticed That White Dudes Keep Mass Murdering People?

Have I noticed that white dudes keep mass murdering people? No, I've noticed that when there is a rare crime comitted by a "White Dude" it's massively promoted in the media. Crimes of the same kind, committed by blacks or Asian and Hispanic immigrants, do not receive this promotion.

This applies to black serial killers:

It also applies to black mass shooters. Here's  a Mother Jones page that promises A 30-year timeline of mass shootings, with photos of the killers.

But it doesn't have photos for all of them, and there is only one black face. Here are eight  photographs omitted from the Mother Jones page, which would have made it look more like America as it is today.(Victim numbers include wounded.)

 Maurice Clemons +5  victims  Charles Lee Thornton  +8 victims
 Colin Ferguson +25  victims  Clifton McCree  +5 victims
  Hastings Arthur Wise +7  victims William D. Baker + 9 victims
 Omar Thornton + 11 victims  Nathan Dunlap +4 victims

 Also omitted by Mother Jones—photographs of four Asians, three Hispanics, and two immigrant Muslims.(Most of these appear on our list of Immigrant Mass Murders.)

Included by Mother Jones: pictures of 16  white people, one with orange hair, and one posed in front of a swastika.

The guy backed by a swastika is Wade Michael Page, the Sikh Temple shooter. He's notable because he's the only white shooter apparently motivated by racism.

Every other white shooter on the list was motivated by something else.

Black shooters  who definitely gave race as their motive.

Notably, Omar Thornton's victims were investigated posthumously  by the media and by the Manchester Police  to see if they were racist—as he claimed before murdering them. They were posthumously cleared.

Even more notably, Colin Ferguson, an immigrant from Jamaica, tried to use his racial motive as a defense in his trial. He called it the "Black Rage" defense.

So yes, Gawker Media, we have noticed something. But it was something you didn't want us to notice.

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