Miss Kentucky Latina Arrested For Assault—Claims Profiling
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A fascinating story–it’s amazing how people will automatically claim profiling–what would it take to convince someone behaving like this that you’d be just as upset if she were a member of the Swedish Bikini Team?

A couple of bizarre attacks landed a beauty queen in jail.

22-year-old Daniela Gaskie was Miss Kentucky Latina, until 27 NEWSFIRST told pageant officials about her arrest in Richmond last week.

Police say she stabbed a gas station attendant and beat up a pharmacist.

Mary Ann McKinney is still recovering from cuts and bruises she got about a week ago. The pharmacist says a woman was beating on her car, and when she walked outside to see what was going on, the woman started beating on McKinney.

“She immediately kicked me with her knee into my abdomen and ripped at me and tore my glasses off and ripped my neck and scratched me and busted my lip, had a knot on my head. She was quite wild,” says McKinney, a pharmacist at M & M Drug in Richmond.

The woman McKinney wrestled is 22-year-old Daniela Gaskie. She was the reigning Miss Kentucky Latina until the organization found out about the arrest.

Police say Gaskie also stabbed an attendant at the Swifty gas station across the street from M & M Drug.

Police charged Gaskie with assault, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. Her arrest report states officers detected alcohol on Gaskie, and that she told them she was being profiled for being “Mexican.” The Miss Latina U.S. Organization says they want to support her with any difficulties she is facing, but with charges pending, she is not the role model they want. They stripped her of her title Tuesday.

“She wasn’t a very good example of anything that night,” says McKinney.

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