Philadelphia School Shooting Is Black On Black Teenage Violence
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If you've heard reports of a school shooting at the Delaware Valley Charter High School, in which one teenager shot two others by the gym, here's what you need to know about Delaware Valley Charter High, grades 9-12, 633 pupils: it's a hundred percent black. See it on

100% of students at this school are Black. I always check the Greatschools pie chart after one of these, since the MSM won't say anything about it, and this is the first time I've seen a big blue circle like that. Here two sample reviews from GreatSchools:

Posted October 13, 2013

The school is a joke, full of thugs and bullies. The teachers are the worse in Philly!!! DO NOT GO THERE!
—Submitted by a parent

Posted May 22, 2013

The school curriculum is great, but most of the teenage girls including the Cheerleading Team and their gorilla miss thang coach leave a lot to be desired. The female security guards pick on the nice looking young ladies, the ugly girls seem to have some type of secret code to mess with anyone who isn't dark skinned and nappy headed, its a shame the school is trying its best but it has attracted most of the project, hateful and jealous types to this Cell Block H. Please, parents if your child isn't marked up with razor cuts, or bald headed, do not send her/him here. It is not a safe place to learn, I called the school numerous times to settle an issue but ended up having to seek outside help, no response from this school.
—Submitted by a parent

Does anyone think that the NRA is somehow to blame for this one?

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