Philadelphia Hate Crime Story: Race Of Asian Victim Specified, Race Of Hateful Attacker UNspecified
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"Not mentioning race" is one of the larger categories of diversity-related nonsense out there, but Pennsylvania media are taking this one to the next level.
A Chinese woman reported being accosted by another women who sprayed her with water, called her a "Chinese bitch," and then punched her in the face, even after she pled pregnancy ['She punched me on my face': Asian-American pregnant mother attacked in Philadelphia, by Christie Ileto, ABC6, August 6, 2020].
Police think the attacker's name is "Delores Marte", so why not announce her race?  
  • the police certainly know the attacker's race
  • there's an arrest warrant, which surely has the race
  • the victim certainly knows the attacker's race (the black reporter could have asked on camera, but didn't)
  • the race may have been mentioned in "WeChat", the Chinese social media—why not get a translation?
  • the Asian community experts probably know, but weren't asked
To add insult to injury, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office—led by the odious Larry Krasner—says they don't have the evidence that this was ethnically motivated.  How much more evidence do you need?
"Delores Marte" fits a pattern that says "black."
Number one, blacks hate Asians.  I have witnessed them verbally harass Asians on the New York City subway system with full-throated racial hatred.  The docile nature of many Asians makes them easy targets.  
Number two, the bold style of the attack and flippant "so?" when it was announced the victim was pregnant tells me "black."  You can just imagine a crazy black panhandler lady doing that.
Number three, if "Delores Marte" were white, we'd be hearing about it from everyone.
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