Peter Brimelow On Alan Colmes: "I Don't See The Point Of Muslims Settling In The United States At All"
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Peter Brimelow was on the Alan Colmes Radio Show last night. See Peter Brimelow: ‘There Shouldn’t Be Any Immigration Into US Right Now’. August 30, 2016

Colmes writes

On tonight’s “The Alan Colmes Show”, self-proclaimed ‘citizen-ist’ Peter Brimelow spoke to Alan about why he believes the United States is a white nation.

Saying “at least we have Donald Trump rather than Jeb Bush”, Brimelow agrees with the Republican nominee about getting rid of birth right citizenship. Brimelow also believes that there shouldn’t be any immigration into the United States right now. Taking it a step further, he says that he does not see the point of Muslims settling in America at all.

You can listen below, or download the MP3.


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