Peter Brimelow in the DAILY CALLER: "Trump Has Reduced Immigration Without Lifting A Finger"
Print Friendly and PDF editor Peter Brimelow is in the Daily Caller today with an article:

Trump Has Reduced Immigration Without Lifting A Finger
Get used to it: Donald Trump spent his life on building sites. Chaos, messiness, noise and frenzied rushing around seem normal to him, although they’re driving America’s political class absolutely nuts. On immigration policy, this means nobody (probably including Trump) really knows what is going to happen with the DACA Amnesty, aimed at young adult illegal aliens allegedly brought here as children, or with the 2018 refugee quota, which the Administration must announce this month. But we do now know, looking at government data, what’s quietly happening with immigrants: they’re leaving. Even the widely reported summer rebound in illegal aliens crossing the southern border is based on a statistical misunderstanding. [More]

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