Didn't "Chilling Debate" Used To Be Wrong?
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A million years ago, e.g. the Viet Nam War era when I was in college, opposition to anti-American tirades being injected into teaching was denounced as "chilling debate."

But now the whip is in the other hand. Colorado State University/Pueblo professor Dan Forsyth looks about to be crucified for daring to raise the issue of illegal immigration in his classes. [Temper behavior, CSU-Pueblo prof is told : Student says rebuke over tirade not enough, By John C. Ensslin, Rocky Mountain News, March 30 2005]

Particularly risible is the complainants' profanity argument:

"Watson [a part-Mexican student] claims Forsyth said 'screw you' as she left the room."

Even in my bygone era that would not have raised eyebrows—but now?

The sad thing is intimidation works:

"Watson has continued to take Forsyth's class. She said there has been a marked change in his teaching style. "Before, he would go off subject. . . . Now he stays on track, which is what he should have done in the first place."
Considering the contemptible response of the CSU administration, what non-suicidal academic would not get the message?

Fine comment on this disgusting situation here.

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