VDARE.com: 03/31/05 - Blog Articles
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President To Put Troops On Mexican Border! [D.A. King] - 03/31/05

It seems that Jim Gilchrist, Chris Simcox and the vigilant Americans participating in the Minute Man Project in Arizona have been successful in getting the president to put troops on the Arizona-Mexico border.

If only it were our president.

Immigration vs. Investors [Randall Burns] - 03/31/05

I liked Sandra Miller's article on Home Depot's immigration practices. However, I think the practices of Home Depot can be attacked even more forcefully.

Look at this study that a friend and I did on recent immigration and state bond ratings.

The data is in—high levels of immigration are associated with financial deterioration.

I would raise the question with fund managers: is it really prudent information to invest in companies dependent upon immigration-especially illegal immigration?

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