Pauline Hanson Wins In Australia As Media Moans
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Pauline Hanson, a fiery populist leader who has been working to save Australia from mass immigration for many years, triumphed in the recent elections. Though as of this writing the total number of seats for her One Nation party has not been determined, it's certain Hanson herself has one.

The Main Stream Media is shrieking hysterically, as you might expect.

Far-right One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is pushing for a royal commission into climate science and Islam and wants to abolish the Family Law Court, in an extreme policy agenda set to frustrate a future government trying to pass laws through the Senate.

The federal election has resurrected the political career of the controversial figure, whose party is expected to snare at least one Senate spot 18 years after she lost the Queensland seat of Blair.

[Election 2016: Pauline Hanson's big Senate win, and what she plans to do with itby Nicole Hasham, Sydney Morning Herald, July 3, 2016]

Don't you just love the name-calling? "Far-right," "extreme," "controversial?" Leftists are never described in such terms in supposedly objective news reports.

In response, Hanson is threatening to boycott the MSM altogether. She simply takes for granted the MSM will be fanatically opposed no matter what she does and so, Trump style, she's going to take her case straight to the people.

Pauline Hanson has launched a spray at the media ahead of her return to Federal Parliament, complaining of bias against her and warning she will bypass traditional newspapers and TV networks in favour of "citizen journalism".

Ms Hanson, whose One Nation party is on track to claim two but possibly as many as four Senate seats, warned in a video posted on her Facebook page that she would not give interviews unless the media stopped treating her as "a punching bag".

"So what I'm saying [is]: get your act together. I could be in Parliament for up to six years. I wouldn't mind a working relationship with you, but if you're not going to give me a fair go, don't come knocking on my door, because you ain't going to get an interview out of me.

[Election 2016: 'Punching bag' Pauline Hanson attacks the media after Senate winby David Wroe, Sydney Morning Herald, July 6, 2016]

This is one of the key ideas patriots are finally starting to understand. The Main Stream Media's reporters are just leftist activists by another name. They use different tactics, but they aren't fundamentally different from the screaming leftist protesters in the streets. They share the same goals, the same ideology, and the same enemies.

Hanson's comeback is also causing much wailing and gnashing of teeth among certain members of the political class.

Former foreign minister Bob Carr says Pauline Hanson will hurt Australia's image overseas, calling her a "mischievous troublemaker and racist".

Mr Carr, who now works full-time on improving relations between Australia and China through roles at three prominent Sydney universities, said the re-emergence of One Nation would have been noted with alarm across Asia.

[Australian federal election 2016: Pauline Hanson's political comeback an 'embarrassment to Australia', says Bob Carrby Heath Aston, Syndey Morning Herald, July 6, 2016]

It's almost like those who have a financial stake in transforming Australia into a culturally Asian country don't like patriotic movements.

Incidentally, we last saw Bob Carr (who has a Malaysian wife) when he was complaining about Margaret Thatcher (accurately) predicting Third World immigration as the ruin of Western nations. 

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