Pauline Hanson Attacked By Green Party Leader In Australia
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Pauline Hanson, former leader of Australia's immigration restrictionist One Nation party, which R.J. Stove has covered for in articles here and here, is announcing her return to politics, and getting a lot of (negative) news coverage as a result. Most of the coverage seems to have to do with the fact that she told people that immigration from Africa would necessarily include a number of people with AIDS.

Hanson a 'bloodsucker': Brown The Age, December 7, 2006,

Australian Greens leader Bob Brown says Pauline Hanson is a "bloodsucker'' and has attacked her suggestion that Africans are bringing AIDS into Australia.

Brown says that Hanson's comments are worse for Australia than anything immigrants have done:

"The amazing thing about Pauline is that she is a far greater cost to this country in terms of wrecking our international reputation than any immigrant would ever be,'' he told reporters today.

"She really is a bloodsucker on Australia in terms of the way in which she divides the country and makes us look an uglier country right round the world.''

So Pauline Hanson is worse that the Lebanese rapists, worse than the Cronulla rioters, worse than terrorist Mamdouh Habib, worse than the organized criminals who introduced Bekaa Valley Heroin, worse than the "Men Of No Appearance" who commit armed robberies in Sydney? (Actually, they're of "Middle Eastern" appearance, but this never makes the Sydney papers.)

That's a lot of harm done to Australia's international reputation just by one woman saying that there's AIDS in Africa and it doesn't need to be imported to Sydney.

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