Taxpayers Versus Tax Consumers
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In a recent blog post, Amnesty To Boost Obamacare Costs - And Drudge Reports!!!,'s Patrick Cleburne wrote:

Adding large numbers of low-income people will inevitably raise more cost for more economically viable participants - aka Whites. Obamacare has always been a prime example of racial socialism.

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Interestingly, in a November 18, 2012 entry, Is Rush Limbaugh's Country Gone?, at the New York Times's political blog, Times columnist Thomas B. Edsall had written:

In broader terms, the political confrontation pits taxpayers, who now form the core of the center-right coalition, against tax consumers who form the core of the center-left.

So Edsall, although missing (or omitting) the racial angle, was saying something quite complementary to Cleburne's point. 

The Edsall quote is useful both because of its frankness and because it appeared where it appeared, i.e. in what Peter Gadiel has termed [link] "the chief house organ of the Democratic Party."  (In that same article, Gadiel discussed a notable earlier instance of Edsall's frankness.)

National-Question patriots would do well to add this recent Edsall statement to their treasuries of memorable and useful quotes.  Then remember to use it strategically in political discussions, letters-to-the-editor, et cetera.

Vocabulary note: An even more vivid expression than Edsall's "tax consumers" is "tax eaters."

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