Lauren Bush Lauren: Your GOP Presidential Candidate In 2032-2036
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Lauren Bush Lauren: Your Gop Presidential Candidate In 2032-2036

Lauren Bush Lauren and husband David Lauren

Owing to demographic progress in the United States, America is becoming too diverse for white men to monopolize all the good jobs. Thus, Jeb Bush, with his Mexican Connections, will be the last white man to earn the GOP Presidential nomination.  On the other hand, history suggests that multicultural empires are too diverse to hold together without one hereditary dynasty as the locus of loyalties.

Therefore, after Jeb in 2016 - 2020, the first Hispanic man to be the GOP standardbearer will be his son George P. Bush in 2024-2028. 

But then who in 2032-2036?

By then, it will be time for a woman and for somebody whose last name isn't Bush (while still being a Bush). But, in this era of declining attention spans, the GOP nominee's last name will still need to be a trusted brand name, one that appears, say, on billions of pieces of clothing. In fact, why not double up and use the heavily advertised brand name as both a last and first name, while still inserting the mandatory Bush brand name as a middle maiden name? Thus, the inevitable GOP heiress apparent for the 2030s: 

Lauren Bush Lauren Is Making a Name for Herself 
For Lauren Bush Lauren, the strikingly attractive niece of one president and the granddaughter of another, as well as the daughter-in-law of a legendary figure in the world of American fashion, it’s not easy to go unnoticed. 
At Ralph Lauren’s fall 2013 show during the most recent New York Fashion Week, the paparazzi snapped her photo as she sat in the front row with her husband, David Lauren; her mother-in-law, Ricky Lauren; and media heavyweights such as Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair and David Remnick of The New Yorker. 
At a recent lunch at the Standard hotel, as she dined on a chopped salad (with a side of pickles), a few patrons glanced over quizzically, as if they knew they should know her from somewhere — a model? an actress? A Real Housewife? — while the waiters hovered solicitously. 
And in early April, at the Hale House gala honoring her mother, Sharon Bush, for her philanthropic work, a hush seemed to come over the crowd as Ms. Bush Lauren, her husband and her younger siblings, Pierce and Ashley, made their way around the room. They formed such a regal vignette that the evening’s host, the actress Patricia Clarkson, later joked onstage: “It’s a shame they’re so attractive.” 
Ms. Bush Lauren seems to take such attention in stride. But it wasn’t always thus. 
Raised mostly in Texas and educated at Princeton, she moved to New York in 2006, having already worked here as a model, one whose last name guaranteed a certain level of ready fame.
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