Patton Oswalt And "Everyone Will Call You A Racist"—No Matter What You Say
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This is a shot of  a recent tweet by comedian Patton Oswalt:

wow privileged much #smdh   — Sonny Bunch (@SonnyBunch) January 12, 2015

The rule is that you're going to get called a racist no matter what you do. I remember the time Oswalt quoted Steve Sailer ("Political correctness is a war on noticing") and started a Twitter storm.

Oswalt is a leftist, but he has a sense of humor, and that gets him into trouble. Like this:

It is clear, however that Oswalt is one of them, not not one of us:

When I saw Oswalt call Justice  Scalia an evil "hop-frog", I can't help thinking that he can't mean Scalia's appearance—Oswalt and Scalia look like brothers.




Still, it would be nice if leftists could stop the point-and-splutter of "I can't even".

See for previous Oswalt Twitter storms.

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