Patriots Must Remember Their Enemies—Politicians AND Talk Show Hosts
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Recently, talk show host and President of the Landmark Legal Foundation Landmark Legal Foundation Mark Levin, did an admirable job on the threatened amnesty bill. Levin blasted the reported agreement between the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO . [AFL-CIO Cuts Deal on Immigration, Sells Out American Workers, Warns FAIR, April 1, 2013]

Levin told his audience that the country doesn't belong to the Chamber of Commerce or the AFL-CIO union—that it belongs to them.

But what really made Levin's take refreshing: he said we don't need to give illegal aliens amnesty or a pathway to citizenship. He blasted claims that we can't deport them, saying that we deport hundreds of thousands every year.

I for one am getting very sick of talk about securing the border "FIRST"—assuming that then it's fine to let the illegals stay. Nonsense! Yes, we need to secure the border, but that doesn't mean that we should then reward 11-30 million invaders—who are, as Brenda Walker says, largely "Marxicans."

Following the lead of Eisenhower's Operation Wetback, we could deport a million or more a year—if the government's figure were true, we would be scrapping the bottom of the illegal barrel in a decade.

And the threat of upcoming deportation, plus drying up jobs with E-Verify, outlawing anchor babies, and cutting off the various forms of government subsidies, would speed self-deportation—"attrition through enforcement." The illegal alien problem is very solvable—all it takes is the political will.

As great a job a Levin did, it is disappointing that he is still making friendly noises about Sean Hannity—a traitor who shocked his audience when he came out for amnesty .

Is Hannity so stupid that he can't see that amnesty for millions of leftists means death for the Republican Party and the country—or is he is just serving the cheap labor corporatists?

Regardless of motivation, Hannity recently argued against Ted Cruz who was adamantly against legalization.

Unfortunately, as usual for Republicans, Cruz is quick to endorse "streamlining" legal immigration—ignoring the effect it will have on the middle class and traditional American values.

Typical of "conservative" talk show hosts is Lars Larson, who has a national show based in Portland, Oregon. Larson talks against amnesty then turns around and seems to regard Texas Governor Rick Perry favorably. Apparently, Larson was asleep last year when Perry imploded.

Patriots need to tell politicians favoring amnesty and cheap imported labor that they will have no shot at the Presidency—that includes Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, and the disgusting Paul Ryan.

And stupid and traitorous talk show hosts need to find that they have no audience and are reduced to doing infomercials in the middle of the night.

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