Obama Regime Ends Enforcement—Accepts Consent Decree Allowing Illegals To Hide In Own Homes
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Deporting the "Worst of the Worst"? Not if you give illegal aliens sanctuary in their own homes.

In a little-covered story, the Obama Regime just agreed to a consent decree that will end most immigration enforcement in the United States.

So much for Marco Rubio's plan to couple amnesty with enforcement.

Federal authorities have agreed to establish new policies governing the conduct of immigration officers during raids, including restrictions on how and when agents can enter private homes, the source of widespread ire and anxiety among immigrants.

The rules are included in a settlement that was approved by a Federal District Court judge on Thursday, concluding a six-year-old class-action lawsuit. The suit contended that in eight raids in 2006 and 2007, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, without court warrants or other legal justification, forced their way into the homes of Latino families on Long Island and in Westchester County.

“No longer will ICE agents have free rein to invade the homes of immigrants, especially Latino immigrants, and be as abusive as they want without any worry that they might be reprimanded,” said Juan Cartagena, president of LatinoJustice PRLDEF, an advocacy group in New York City that, along with the Center for Constitutional Rights and the private firm Winston & Strawn, represented the 22 plaintiffs.

And even more egregiously, 8 illegal aliens will get amnesty.

The government agreed to drop deportation proceedings against four of the plaintiffs and to grant a four-year reprieve from deportation to four others.

U.S. Agrees to New Rules for Immigration Raids, NYT April 4, 2013 by Kirk Semple

This policy will end immigration enforcement, especially that directed at aliens who abscond from deportation orders issued by the toothless Executive Office for Immigration Review.

Now, besides the countless manhours needed to track down those illegal aliens with outstanding warrants for arrest and deportation orders, all illegal aliens have to do to avoid arrest is not to open the door when Deportation Officers from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Enforcement and Removal Operations (ICE ERO) come knocking. llegal aliens can just laugh and wave from the window.

ERO, of course, does not have enough officers to stand idly by while illegal aliens hide in a house and refuse to come out. They have to leave eventually and the illegals will be the big winners under these new rules.

Not mentioned by the New York Times: Chief RINO John Boehner can solve this problem legislatively by giving ICE ERO officers authority to enter private property based on an administratively-issued arrest warrant or deportation order, including reinstated orders of deportation for the illegal alien who re-enters after deportation.

That obviously will not happen.

This unnecessary surrender—all the lawsuits that sought such a policy had failed—belies the Regime's claim that it was concentrating on sub-classes of illegal aliens, which previously included absconders and the previously deported, those whom were subject to search and arrest by ERO.

Instead, the Regime is making the numbers of illegal aliens subject to immigration enforcement smaller and smaller.

Soon there won't be any illegal aliens subject to the laws of the United States, which certainly suits the Regime's obvious goal: Electing A New People.

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