Hannity And Boehner Appear To Want More Democrat Voters
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The stupidity of Republicans is becoming unbearable—so much of what passes for Republican thinking seems shaped by fast-talking, ill-informed, and shallow-thinking talk show hosts—or airhead pundits. Sean Hannity—sometimes known as Sean Vanity—was never the sharpest pencil in the box but he seemed to have at least a modicum of common sense. No more—Sean Hannity is now calling for amnesty for "law-abiding" illegal aliens.

Apparently Hannity is unable to understand that there is literally no such thing as a "law-abiding" illegal alien—it is by definition impossible. Hint to Hannity: why do you think the word "illegal" is part of the legal description of these people? Hannity lacks the intelligence to comprehend that  someone who crept across the border illegally, proceeded to work illegally, in most states drives illegally, and uses fraudulent identification documents is NOT "law-abiding."

How many times must it be proved that immigration policy isn't the main reason Mexicans in this country vote for Democrats? Recently Washington Watcher and Heather Mac Donald showed that Mexicans have a vested interest in big government. They lag being Americans in education for generations and form an underclass which desires big government and the transfer of wealth to themselves from more successful people.

Foolish Republicans like to claim that Mexicans are socially conservative and so are natural Republicans. If that were the case why are there so many Mexican unwed mothers? Why have so many Mexicans abandoned their Mexican wives and started new families in the United States? Mexicans have changed many nice American towns and cities into hellish slums with bars on the windows, gang graffiti on the walls, and gangsters ruling the streets. These foolish limousine Republicans should abandon their security details and take a ride like a friend and I did in his battered Subaru and see the real Hispanic America.

Another talk show host, Mark Levin, seems smarter than most. Levin recognizes that Hispanics are Democrat voters, but he proposed bringing in other immigrants such as Indians to become Republicans. Apparently Levin is ill-informed and needs to start reading VDARE.com. Although governors Nicki Haley and Bobby Jindal are indeed Republicans—and more conservative than most—they are, unfortunately, the minority among Indians. Indians overwhelmingly vote for Democrats—just like the majority of immigrants regardless of origin—with the exception of older Cubans and perhaps some anti-communists from the former Eastern Block.

For now, at least, Rush Limbaugh seems to be one of the very few talk show hosts who gets it about the futility of converting Hispanic voters to Republican by voting for amnesty.

But if professional Republicans, pundits, and talk show hosts selling out isn't bad enough, the spineless jellyfish Boehner is now making "comprehensive" immigration reform noises—read amnesty.  [PM Note: Boehner Off Obamacare, On Immigration, Romney and Demography, How GOP Can Recover With Latinos, November 8, 2012]

So apparently neither Hannity nor Boehner are intelligent enough to realize that offering amnesty and citizenship doesn't mean Republicans will win the Hispanic vote. What it means is that illegal aliens—sometimes called "undocumented Democrats" will simply become registered Democrat voters. If Boehner pursues this path, he may well find that next election Republican voters are not down by 3 million, but by 30 million, and the Republican Party will go the way of its predecessor, the Whigs.

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