Palestinian Terrorist Kicked Out Of United States, Proceeding Begun Under Obama, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES Blames Trump
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“Political activist Rasmea Odeh a symbol of deportation’s many faces,” the Chicago Sun-Times announces in a headline about the deportation of a Palestinian terrorist who lied to get into the United States, was caught and headed for trial. Facing the courtroom in April, she pled guilty.

Naturally, we get the heartrending story of a “70-year-old Palestinian immigrant , whose U.S. citizenship was revoked by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for not disclosing having served time as a prisoner in Israel.”

Note how studiously the newspaper avoided the word “lie.” “Not disclosing” has a rather more benign feel. Newsflash: When you fail to disclose the truth on an immigration form, you are lying.

Anyway, here’s how the paper pitched it:

Odeh has waged a four-year legal battle to stay in the U.S. since her immigration case began in October 2013. She was indicted for failing to disclose she was convicted in 1969 of participating in a deadly terrorist bombing in Jerusalem, served 10 years, and was released in a prisoner exchange in 1979.

Odeh and her supporters have maintained her confession was a false one extracted under torture. Her conviction for immigration fraud in U.S. District Court was overturned on appeal, with a new trial set for May 2017.

In April, seeing the writing on the wall from the new administration’s crackdown, she entered into a plea agreement to give up the citizenship she’s held since 2004. …

Odeh is just one face of the Trump administration’s tougher stance on illegal immigration. ...

Note how studiously the newspaper avoided the word “Obama,” whose administration convicted her and set her up for the plane ride back to the Middle East..

Finally, note how the newspaper insults other deportees who are not terrorists. She’s just “one face” among many that the big, bad Trump is deporting. Well, yeah, except that most of the others aren’t terror bombers.

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