Orwellian "Anti-Racism Directorate" Established In Ontario, Canada
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2015 was a breakthrough year for the Dissident Right, national conservatives, and immigration patriots. Already, it seems like 2016 will be the year the System strikes back. We are used to attempts at economic strangulation, Main Stream Media campaigns of incitement, and pressure from so-called "NGO's" which act as the enforcement arms of the System. But now the governments of the West seem to be more willing to show the iron first beneath the velvet glove of happy talk about diversity.
Premier Kathleen Wynne announced today that Ontario will establish an Anti-Racism Directorate to address racism in all its forms — including individual, systemic and cultural.

couteauMichael Coteau  [Pictured right] will oversee the Anti-Racism Directorate as Minister Responsible for Anti-Racism and continue as Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

The Directorate will work with key partners such as business, community organizations, educational institutions and the Ontario Human Rights Commission. The Directorate will aim to:

  • Increase public education and awareness of racism to create a more inclusive province, and;
  • Apply an anti-racism lens in developing, implementing and evaluating government policies, programs and services.
The Anti-Racism Directorate is part of the government's commitment to fight discrimination and ensure that everyone in Ontario has the opportunity to fulfill their potential and participate equally in society.

[Ontario Establishing an Anti-Racism DirectorateGovernment of Ontario, February 16, 2016]

Shut. It. Down. 

What this organization will do in practice is funnel taxpayer money to anti-white organizations, increase efforts at ideological indoctrination in education and in government offices, and continually redefine racism so that every white person is considered racist. Call it what it was—it's the thought police. And it's a symbol that Canada too is groaning under occupation.

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