Germany Expects 500,000 New Aliens in 2016
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The big brains in Berlin are hopeful (for some reason) that fewer illegal aliens will invade Germany this year — “only” 500,000.

Good luck with that. In May of last year, the estimate for 2015 was for “between 300,000-500,000 refugees arriving in Germany.” The actual number was over a million mostly male young Muslim men.

Over in Eastern Europe, several political leaders have a different idea, and they are planning where to build border fences (Anti-Migrant Force Builds in Europe, Hurting Merkel’s Quest, AP, Feb 15):

So where should the next impenetrable razor-wire border fence in Europe be built?

Hungary’s right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban thinks he knows the best place — on Macedonia’s and Bulgaria’s borders with Greece — smack along the main immigration route from the Middle East to Western Europe. He says it’s necessary because “Greece can’t defend Europe from the south” against the large numbers of refugees pouring in, mainly from Syria and Iraq. . .

But further west, Chancellor Angela Merkel (below) has learned nothing from the terrible last year, which has been filled with increasing public rejection of the foreigners’ violence and their refusal to adapt to European values.

Germany expects 500,000 refugees this year: newspaper, Reuters, February 15, 2016

The German government expects 500,000 refugees to come to Germany this year, German newspaper Rheinische Post cited sources from the Federal Labor Office as saying.

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told Frank-Juergen Weise, head of both the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and the Federal Labor Office, to prepare for an influx of that size this year, the newspaper said in an advance copy of a report due to be published on Tuesday.

The German Interior Ministry was not immediately available to comment on the report.

Last year some 1.1 million migrants arrived in Germany. German media tend to use the word refugee to refer to both refugees and migrants.

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