ORLANDO SENTINEL Stops Publishing Mugshots Because Too Many Of Them Are Black
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Earlier: TAMPA BAY TIMES Stops Publishing Mugshots Because They "Disproportionately Show Black and Brown Faces" Which "Further Negative Stereotypes"

It’s happening across the nation. Newspapers have decided concealing the faces/images of those who break the law and commit crime in the communities they purportedly serve is a greater public good than publishing those images.

Why? Because too many non-whites are committing crime, and this serves “little journalistic value” and continues to “reinforced negative stereotypes” white people have established regarding People of Color and criminality (what the Orlando Weekly dubbed “racially disproportionate” arrest rates…)

Orlando Sentinel discontinues arrest mugshots database, Orlando Sentinel, June 12, 2020

The Orlando Sentinel is discontinuing the posting of arrest mugshot galleries effective today.


We’ve come to realize that without context, the galleries have little journalistic value and may have reinforced negative stereotypes.

We will continue to cover major crime stories, and in the reporting of those stories may use the mugshots of those arrested.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Truth, it seems, has a well-known racial bias.

To quote one of the prophets of the 21st century, “punishment must be unusual or it serves no purpose.”

Those who break the law should have their photos published in local papers, for shame serves as a great deterrent to repeat offending. The community should be made aware of those who break the law, and if racial patterns emerge, then society can pass laws based on this information to protect the law-abiding.

For remember: In a multiracial society, social policy shouldn’t be based on individuals.

And once stereotypes are confirmed to have firm basis in racial truth, social policy will immediately be crafted from these observations.

Interesting to think our ancestors long ago operated under this same protocol…

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