OpenBorders the TV Commercial (With Disclaimer)
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Harry Baldwin riffs on informed consent and TV commercials for pharmaceutical products:

Tired of the lack of vibrancy in your neighborhood? Economy in a slump? Like to grow the GDP? Ask your representative about OpenBorders. OpenBorders is the solution recommended by the Chambers of Commerce, the Wall Street Journal, war hero John McCain, the Democratic Party, the entire mainstream media, the Catholic Church, and every billionaire except Donald Trump.

[FAST VOICEOVER] Be sure to consult Ann Coulter, Steve Sailer, and VDare-dot-com before voting for OpenBorders. OpenBorders has been known to cause social fragmentation and lower PISA scores. OpenBorders also contributes to graffiti, littering, high unemployment, teenaged pregnancy, lack of academic achievement, increased crime, loud annoying music, and spread of hitherto-unknown diseases. Open Borders has also been shown to increase likelihood of domestic terrorism. OpenBorders accelerates depletion of limited resources. Open Borders has been shown to increase strain of the social safety net, occasionally resulting in municipal and state bankruptcy. Other known side effects include increased irritability, fatigue, and inability to communicate with your fellow citizens. Contact your representative if your high unemployment lasts more than seven years. He will instruct you to seek job retraining.[END FAST VOICEOVER]

Ask your representative if OpenBorders is right for you!

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