Open Borders Extremists Out Themselves
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The groupthink brain of the far left has burped out a new rallying slogan: “Abolish ICE.” Because as good commies, they still fantasize the one-worlder utopia of no borders, no nations. Apparently the lefties haven’t noticed that human tribalism is one of history’s strongest influences, and the forced diversity of disparate peoples never works out well.

Tucker Carlson presented some remarks on Thursday about the insanity of the left’s anti-borders movement and the anarchy it would create.

What’s frightening is that the Abolish ICE rhetoric is becoming more mainstream among Democrats. Anything to attack President Trump.

TUCKER CARLSON: There was an ideological revolution on the left this week, and hardly anybody noticed it. For months, you may have noticed, members of the progressive fringe had been calling for abolishing ICE — that’s the agency responsible for enforcing our immigration laws. That’s not a mainstream position obviously, and Democratic leaders seemed embarrassed by it. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer opposed the idea; so did many others. And then everything changed.

Two days ago, a self-described socialist called Alexandria Acacio-Cortez unexpectedly won a Democratic primary in New York. Acacio-Cortez ran on abolishing ICE. Suddenly, in days, getting rid of ICE is something many Democrats say they are for. Now midterm elections are approaching, so it’s time for the rest of us to take this idea seriously.

What exactly would happen if the left killed ICE? Well here’s some of the facts about ICE. ICE is responsible for all immigration enforcement within the United States. Last year, ICE arrested 32,958 illegal immigrants with criminal records; almost 5,000 of those were members of violent gangs. Without ICE, all of those criminals would still be at large within our borders. Last year ICE also seized 2,370 pounds of fentanyl: that’s the narcotic that is driving the single deadliest drug crisis in the history of this country. That’s enough fentanyl to kill every single American citizen by overdose. Without ICE that fentanyl would still be in circulation.

And of course ICE is also the body responsible for deporting anybody illegally inside the United States. Last year ICE removed more than 226,000 people who broke American law. ICE did that because ICE is the only agency we have to do it. Without ICE, criminal aliens could stay in this country with impunity; that would include gang members, drug smugglers, child molesters, convicted murderers — they could not be deported. Companies, meanwhile, could bring in an unlimited number of illegal workers that would crash wages for American citizens, even more than it already has. It would be a disaster, but it’s the point.

The campaign against ICE is a campaign for open borders, and some are honest enough to admit that. During protests against the administration, activists have chanted this: “No borders, no nations, stop the deportations.” No borders, no nations — one leads to the other, always. Without borders, nations are impossible.

If we passed a law tomorrow allowing strangers to live in your house would it still be your house? No it would not be; it would be everybody’s house. Soon it would be nobody’s house.

That’s the left’s plan for America. Finally they are saying it out loud.

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